Dig those Dodgers

Friday, May 06 2016 @ 02:35 PM EDT

Contributed by: John Northey

The Dodgers are in town for a 3 game set. Jays have bad luck getting the 2 best starters the Dodgers have going this weekend in Kershaw & Maeda (both over 200 for ERA+) while missing the 2 weakest Wood & Kazmir both with ERA+'s under 80.

Going into the series only Osuna is a bit tired, pitching in 2 of the last 3 days, 4 of the last 7. But only 5 to 19 pitches per game.
Floyd is the most rested with 3 days off and only 15 pitches (in games) over the last week. Chavez is due for a game as he has been on a 2 days off, into a game, 2 days off pattern lately. Cecil, in his year from hell, is well rested as well with just 4 pitches over the last 5 days. No pitcher on the Dodgers looks to be overused right now.

The Dodgers have a low team OPS+, just 88, with only Puig (140), Utley (126) and Adrian Gonzalez (111) over 100 as regulars with bench guys Yasmani Grandal (138) and Trayce Thompson (102) off to good starts also. Their nightmare is Carl Crawford, making $21+ mil a year for 2016/17 but just a 24 OPS+ so far, even his fielding is now a negative.