The Grand Debut Episode Of The 13th Inning Stretch

Thursday, July 14 2016 @ 02:36 PM EDT

Contributed by: Eephus

It came to me in a dream...

A dream?

Indeed. I was in this bizarre world of floating clocks, radios, microphones and baseballs sailing through the air in all directions. It was so vivid, so inspiring, it filled me with such a strong hunger that the moment I awoke I knew the very first thing I had to do: make myself a sandwich.

But afterwards! The idea for the 13th Inning Stretch podcast was born. And so for this debut episode I'm joined by the insightful and lovely Amanda Ryan, where we discuss general Blue Jays baseball stuff (the Aaron Sanchez question, Tulowitzki's rebirth) and various All-Star game shenanigans.

You can listen to it from the link below (I'll learn how to embed it eventually):

13th Inning Stretch Episode II

Enjoy the show...