July 25-27: Scratch The Last One Off The List

Monday, July 25 2016 @ 05:36 PM EDT

Contributed by: Eephus

This series was only 40 years in the making...

Tonight marks the very first time the San Diego Padres will play a game in Toronto, the last MLB team to have never visited every other MLB city before. The Blue Jays have been to SD a couple times, with varied results. It's an important series for the birds of blue, who would love to add a few precious wins to the belt before taking on the Orioles, Astros and Royals in the coming weeks.

Rumours are running about that the team will be scouting Padre pitchers like Tuesday starter Andrew Cashner as a potential deadline pickup. Which... sure? Whatever.


MON 7:07 -- Rea (5-4, 5.07) v. Sanchez (10-1, 2.87)
TUE 7:07 -- Cashner (4-7, 4.79) v. Stroman (8-4, 4.90)
WED 12:37 -- Perdomo (4-4, 6.93) v. Estrada (5-4, 2.94)

Watch Out For...

Wil Myers, who owns a career .294/.356/.569 line in 14 games at the Dome, all as a Tampa Ray Bay Fish.

Whaddya think the Over/Under on the number of fans wearing San Diego jerseys at the game tonight is? 5? 2? Can you even get a Padres jersey up here?

Be nice to win a few.