The 13th Inning Stretch -- Episode III

Sunday, July 31 2016 @ 06:36 PM EDT

Contributed by: Eephus

This was much harder than the last one...

Hey everybody, at long last it's time for the latest episode of the 13th Inning Stretch podcast! Although it was recorded well over a week ago, file formatting problems delayed the uploading to the point I was all set to give up the ghost on this. As such the audio quality isn't as sharp as I'd like (this is what happens when your Mac and web browsers are about exactly as old as the Obama White House).

But here it is at last for your listening pleasure! Joining me for this two part episode is Da Box's very own Magpie, where we discuss the current-ish state of affairs with the Blue Jays and around the rest of the league. As this was recorded many days ago, some of what we say might seem hilariously out of date considering present MLB developments. But whatever! Retrospect for the partial win.

Thanks for listening and enjoy the show. Links below!

13th Inning Stretch Episode III (pt. I)

13th Inning Stretch Episode III (pt. II)