August 1-4: Going Back To Houston, Do The Hot Dog Dance

Monday, August 01 2016 @ 02:36 PM EDT

Contributed by: Eephus

Remember when these guys were in the NL and awful? Where does the time go...

After a successful series against the Orioles and a successful-ish homestand overall, the Bluebirds hit the highway for a big road trip. First stop is a four game set in hot Houston (in that their team is red-hot and Houston is also a warm place). The Astros went on a nice little run for about a month and a half but have lost 5 of their last 6, including a series sweep against the Tigers in which they were completely steamrolled twice. This is a big stretch of games for them as well, as they're chasing Toronto in the Wild Card standings and have a series with the Rangers immediately after, whom they're six games back of in the NL West race. Man, being in pennant races is kinda fun.


MON 8:10 -- Stroman (8-4, 4.92) v. To Be Determined Man!
TUE 8:10 -- Dickey (7-12, 4.66) v. McCullers (6-4, 3.14)
WED 8:10 -- Estrada (6-4, 3.02) v. McHugh (7-7, 4.42)
THUR 8:10 -- Happ (14-3, 3.16) v. Fiers (7-4, 4.42)

Watch Out For...

Jose Altuve. Duh. The little man is a big monster.

Former Blue Jay Watch

Colby Rasmus is having a classic Rasmusy season: a helping of homeruns and a buffet of strikeouts. Yet by WAR measures he's been one of the most valuable Astros primarily because of his outfield defense. Which... yeah all right. Former prospect Jake Marisnick is also around and still hasn't learned to hit yet.

Trade Starffs

As of now (2:30 on Monday) the Jays have not made a deadline day deal yet. There were rumblings about Rich Hill and Josh Reddick from the A's, but both of them are on their way to the Dodgers because the Dodgers would trade for everybody if they could. My beloved Cincinnati Reds who are bad but not dreadful, have decided to go full speed ahead into dreadful and have potentially unloaded Jay Bruce to the Mets. Works for me. Shortstop Zack Cozart may also be in play, with the Mariners showing strong interest. Also some weird news out of Miami as they've decided to send Colin Rea (included in the Cashner deal) back to the Padres after he hurt his elbow in his first appearance as a Marlin. Anyhow, I'm sure more stuff will happen/has already happened as I write this, and if so disregard my ramblings. Disregard!

UPDATE: Something about Ervin Santana and the Blue Jays? Maybe? I dunno.

UPDATE UPDATE: So Toronto adds Scott Feldman, Mike Bolsinger (straight to AAA for you fella) and the elusively interesting Francisco Liriano. Gone are Jesse Chavez, Drew Hutchison and an A-ball prospect with an awesome name. This is a front office that does seem to like buying low on players with proven records of recent success, such as Grilli or Benoit.

Oh yeah, the Astros.

Be nice to win a few.