August 29-31: Wife And Kids In Baltimore, Jack

Monday, August 29 2016 @ 05:36 PM EDT

Contributed by: Eephus

Insert reference from 'The Wire' here...

A sweepend at the expense of the Twins has the Bluebirds alone in first place, two games up on the second place Red Sox. The third place team, Baltimore, is where the defending AL East Champs find themselves now for a three game set. The Orioles led the division for much of this 2016 season and are still very much in play for the crown, currently just three games back of the local squadron. This has been quite a race.

It's worth noting (Our very own Magpie suggested I point this out) that the Orioles are a significantly better team at Camden Yards than they are on the road. Compare:

Home 42 22 321 277 .656
Road 29 37 294 327 .439

This will not be easy. Toronto does catch a bit of a break, however, by avoiding Chris Tillman, the red-hot Kevin Gausman and the maybe-figuring-it-out Dylan Bundy. But still, the Orioles are built on power, home run power specifically. If the orange bird bats can stay in the yard somewhat, good times may be forthcoming. If not? Well this tight race is gonna squeeze even more so.

Oh, and Mark Trumbo is definitely gonna hit at least one home run. It's what the 2016 version of him does.


MON 7:05 -- Estrada (7-6, 3.47) v. Miley (1-2, 8.18)* / (8-10, 5.51)
TUE 7:05 -- Happ (17-4, 3.19) v. Jimenez (5-11, 6.62)
WED 7:05 -- Sanchez (12-2, 2.99) v. Gallardo (4-6, 5.69)

* - as an Oriole

It may seem as though the Blue Jays have a significant advantage in every matchup in this series, but I'm not so comfy with it. Gallardo is kinda bad, but his badness seems to bamboozle the Jays bats as we all know. Ubaldo Jimenez likewise has been all or nothing in his career against Toronto: he's either inflammable or untouchable.

Special Non-Baseball Bonus

A bonus No-Prize Point* for each of the following: the song to which the title of this thread refers, the artist, and the album. I confess at having to look up the last one myself. I mean, this is seriously the only tune I could think of off the top of my head that mentions Baltimore.

(No-Prize Points cannot be redeemed for anything of actual physical value. Though apparently Cuttlefish find them delicious.)

Around The Race

The Red Sox welcome Tampa Bay to Fenway for a three gamer starting tonight (Monday). Rick Porcello kicks the series opener off for Boston, looking for his would-be MLB leading 18th win.

Meanwhile the Yankees (who are still somewhat in this thing! Grumble grumble) take the insanely hot bat of Gary Sanchez to Kansas City in a battle of AL Wildcard outsiders. It's been said before, but the second Wildcard has really added some umph(!) to these late season races, eh?

Be nice to win a few.