Five Reasons To Still Believe in 2016

Thursday, September 15 2016 @ 08:36 AM EDT

Contributed by: Eephus

Things have gotten a bit too Chicken Little lately...

That's not to say that everything about this team is totally fine right now, or that recent events haven't been an utter and complete garbage bin of suck. Because, god damn. There is really nothing good you can say about the Blue Jays over the past two weeks. Tulowitzki's been good? Um, their jerseys are still really sharp? Yeah, that's all I got. Holy Springfield Tire Fire, folks.

But bemoaning a cruddy twelve game stretch or inventing lazy metaphors is not why we're here. The season ain't over, there's still a lot of baseball left to play and it's not too late to reserve the spin of this Death Spiral. Here are some reasons to be optimistic, presented in classic clickbaity form.

1. Josh Donaldson still plays for the 2016 Blue Jays.

I mean, hopefully.

2. They're still currently in a playoff spot

Going or settling for the second wildcard maybe isn't quite aiming high enough for your championship goal, but at least it gives you a chance. The road team has also won six of the eight winner-take-all Wildcard games thus far, which means... well nothing really. Even if winning this game is really a 50/50 chance, a coin toss, I'll take that over just throwing the coin away to buy a crappy doughnut or something.

3. They don't play Tampa Bay again

Seriously. What the heck is up with these jerks? A guy released by the Padres beats us with a home run? The freaking PADRES???? Ugh...

4. Something Something Jose Bautista

There's really no factual basis for this one, I've just got a feeling Bats has some big time heroics in him soon. You can watch certain ballplayers enough to know which ones give you that sense, really in any level of the sport. Joey is one of those guys, off year be damned. Yeah and by the way, those folks (and they exist) slagging Bats alone for the teams' rough spell, or even blaming him (they're a .600 team with him on the DL!) do you really think one ballplayer is so poisonous, so loathed by his teammates and all that encounter him, that his very presence causes the team to play worse? Come on. Even Ty Cobb wasn't despised that much.

5. That last series

The final weekend in Fenway. Assume Toronto continues stumbling in their own way, but manages to talent their way into enough wins to stay afloat? If they're within three games of Boston it's a wild longshot for a share of the division. If they're within two, well it's the exact same wild longshot, actually. But if they're within one? Giddy up. It's not impossible.

Assuming, you know, they start winning some damn games of course. Maybe get on that, guys. If only to make your old pal Eephus look good. (Or if the Red Sox and Orioles decide to lose 13 in a row, that works too.)