Edwin now in Cleveland

Thursday, December 22 2016 @ 11:57 PM EST

Contributed by: John Northey

Yup, he's gone. 3 years $55 mil with a $25 mil option ($5 mil buyout). If year 4 isn't taken then he gets a total of $60 mil. If all 4 years happen he makes $80 mil just like the Jays offered.

So here is a brief history of Encarnacion....

We can see the Batters Box view on these easily enough... FYI: Edwin's lifetime earnings: $51,790,000 - roughly $4 mil from Cincinnati the rest here. 24.4 bWAR here, 3.2 in Cincinnati. Last year was his 4th best at 3.7 (edit - earlier I had his 2015 figure there 4.7). fWAR is at 27.6 lifetime total identical to BR. Value of $166.3 million to the Jays over his time here. Yeah, I'd say he worked out a LOT better than anyone thought or expected. Hope he enjoys his retirement funds from Cleveland.