Return Of The Prodigal Son

Monday, January 16 2017 @ 12:34 PM EST

Contributed by: Gerry

It appears that Jose Bautista is coming back on a one, or two, or one plus an option year deal. Details are yet to be confirmed but it seems as though both sides want the deal to happen. The first year salary will be for more than $17.2M.

Also it appears that Michael Saunders is off to Philadelphia, presumably because Jose is coming back to the Jays.

So, will the Jays be younger? Nope. Will they be faster? Nope. More left handed? Maybe a little. Further evidence that battle plans do not survive contact with the enemy.

There is a story out of Pittsburgh today that claims the Pirates and Jays discussed a trade that would have sent Andrew McCutcheon and reliever Tony Watson to Toronto. The story says Joe Biagini, Vladdy Jr, Rowdy Tellez, Sean Reid-Foley and Harold Ramirez were offered to the Pirates. My interpretation is that the Pirates asked for Vladdy, SRF and Tellez and the Jays countered with Biagini and Ramirez, or some other combination. The Jays did not offer all of these players for the two Pirates, that would have cleaned out the farm system and be a wild overpay.

Discuss, as news is revealed.