Blue Jays Sign Curtis Granderson: A Shallow Dive

Monday, January 15 2018 @ 10:19 PM EST

Contributed by: Eephus

This would've been really something about six years ago...

...that being said, lets take a rough look at Granderson and see what's still there.

2017 was a mixed season for the soon to be 37 year old. After struggling mightily in April (.124/.174/.221) he picked it up and was having a nice summer with the Mets when the Dodgers, looking to bolster their outfield with Joc Pederson scuffling, made a move to acquire him in the middle of August. While Granderson flashed his usual power in Los Angeles (7 HR, .205 isolated slugging) overall offensive production was severely lacking (a 72 OPS+ in 132 PA). As the Dodgers advanced through the postseason and eventually to the World Series, Granderson's playing time decreased more and more, until he was just left off the Fall Classic roster altogether.

That being said, in 2017 Granderson was the same type of hitter he's usually been. Lots of home run power (25+ the past three seasons), lots of walks (75+ the past four seasons, and six of the past seven) and of course lots and lots of strikeouts. The strikeouts in particular are a bit excessive, and a primary reason it's unlikely Curtis will ever hit .250 again. As well, he's the type of bat you're really better off hiding from left-handed pitchers at this point. For example:

2017: .202/.274/.394 (117 PA)
2016: .226/.298/.425 (161 PA)
2015: .183/.273/.286 (143 PA)

As for the glove, since we're talking about a player who turns 37 in March, it's safe to say his best days are behind him. He's best utilized in an outfield corner, particularly right-field where defensive metrics seem to like him a lot. I imagine he could cover center in a pinch (as he did fairly often with the poor 2017 Mets) but an extended look there on the Dome turf is hardly ideal.

So we have someone who's a bit miscast as an everyday player, immediately becomes the oldest guy on the team, and strikes out a ton. And yet I ask myself, do I (Eephus) like this addition?

I legitimately do.

Within a vacuum at the very least. If this dissuades the team from making a serious offer to somebody better like a Lorenzo Cain (also giddyup on that, please), then it's a pretty underwhelming move. I sincerely hope this is not the case, since the presence of an Ezequiel Carrera or a masquerading "outfielder" like Steve Pearce shouldn't hold you back from adding a player the caliber of Cain. But back to Granderson, I think you're getting a limited but still entirely useful piece with some serious pop still in his bat, along with a seriously underrated ability to work at-bats and draw walks (his OBP is never very sexy because his low batting average drags it down so much). Heck, you might be looking at the Jays leadoff hitter for much of 2018 (which I'll admit, is not a super exciting thought and I'm defending this move). Also, and this isn't worth that much in terms of Ws and Ls, but Granderson is a fun player and does seem to be one of the game's legitimately good people. The kind of person you want in the organization and around the ballpark.

So a thumbs up, ish, from me. Now go get Cain or Alex Cobb already.