You Are The General Manager - August 2018 Version

Thursday, January 18 2018 @ 11:20 AM EST

Contributed by: Gerry

This has been a slow winter for off field activities so here is some diversion.

It is August 2nd, 2018. The Blue Jays are one game back of a wildcard spot. They cannot catch the Red Sox who are in first place.

You are in the midst of an injury crisis. Justin Smoak and Kendrys Morales have just gone down with injuries that will keep them out for six to eight weeks, they might or might not be back for the end of the season. Steve Pearce was traded in the off-season so your options for first base from your current roster are Yangervis Solarte or Curtis Granderson.

The trade deadline has passed so you need to call up someone from the minor leagues or make a trade.

Minor league options include outfielders like Dalton Pompey or Dwight Smith, with Curtis Granderson or Yangervis Solarte covering first base (Anthony Alford is injured and Teoscar Hernandez is on the major league roster and playing); Rowdy Tellez who is hitting .250 in AAA; or Vlad Guerrero Jr. who is hitting .310 in AA.

All your front office personnel agree that Vlad Guerrero Jr. would add the most to your chances of winning a wild card spot.

Your minor league staff tell you that Vlad's bat is ready for the major leagues but his glove is not ready to play major league standard third base and he needs six more months of minor league time to be a major league third baseman. He has played a handful of games at first base and can easily play there.

However, if Vlad sticks in the major leagues he won't become a major league third baseman.

Your choices include:

Calling Vlad Jr. up now gives you the best chance to get a wild card berth.

Calling up Dalton Pompey, Dwight Smith, Aledmys Diaz, or Rowdy Tellez. However these players would not give you the same chance to win as Guerrero.

You could try for a post-waiver deadline trade but the return is uncertain and would cost you a prospect.

However, once Guerrero is called up and hits, which no-one doubts he will, he will likely never go back to the minor leagues. He will then become a full time major league first baseman.

Alternately, you leave Vlad in the minors and have a major league ready third baseman in mid-2019.

Financially, calling Vlad up starts his service time clock, waiting until May 2019 gives you an extra year of control.

Do you call him up?