Pearce to Red Sox

Friday, June 29 2018 @ 07:44 AM EDT

Contributed by: John Northey

Trading season has begun.  Shoe #1 fell, Steve Pearce goes to to the team that drafted him in 2004 but couldn't sign him, Boston, along with cash ($1.66 mil) to get Santiago Espinal, an infielder in A+.

So who is Santiago Espinal?
5'10" 175 lbs 10th round pick in 2016.  He is in his age 23 season.  His 3rd year, he did rookie at 21, A at 22, and now A+ at 23.  His first two years he barely hit (597 OPS and 692 OPS) but did show improvement.  This year he is putting it all together with a 313/363/477 line.  9-1 in SB-CS this year. 

So not an exciting return, but some potential there.  Probably to Dunedin to start and AA when Bo goes to AAA.  Another lottery ticket for the Jays, which is more than they'd get from Pearce in the offseason as he is a free agent after this season and no way he was getting a QO.