Blue Jays at Baltimore

Monday, September 17 2018 @ 08:14 AM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

That was better. The Jays got a terrible start from the 35 year old veteran who'll be a free agent in a few weeks (some pretty iffy defense didn't help, at a time when dear old Marco needs every bit of help he can get.) But they got a couple of strong starts from two of the youngsters who may indeed be part of the 2019 rotation. And messing with the Yankees... well, it just makes life worth living.

Thirteen games remain, and the Jays need to go at least 6-7 to avoid just their second 90 loss since the bad old Expansion Days. (That would be the notorious, not-to-be-forgotten Season From Hell. Ask your elders about it.) They also need to go 5-8 so John Gibbons can finish the season with a career record better than .500 as the Blue Jays manager. Something to play for! In seasons like this....

The Orioles haven't decided who they're sending to the mound tonight or Wednesday. It's Andrew Cashner's turn tonight, and Luis Ortiz followed Bundy last week in what had been David Hess' rotation spot. Buck's probably thinking of flipping a coin, or drawing a name from a hat. It seems like it could hardly produce anything worse than what he's seen this season.

Mon 7:05 - Borucki (3-4, 4.26) vs SOMEONE
Tue 7:05 - Sanchez (4-6, 4.90) vs Bundy (8-14, 5.48)
Wed 7:05 - Gaviglio (3-8, 5.25) vs SOMEONE