Watching the Post-Season

Wednesday, October 03 2018 @ 07:54 PM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

The Jays are gone but the baseball goes on. And we've all got to cheer for someone, right?

Here's how to do it.

New York  - Under no circumstances may you cheer for the Yankees. They are Evil. Don't even think of it.

- Nor should you cheer for the Red Sox. Perhaps you're thinking that winning a championship might make the Sox fat and happy, and perhaps less of a problem for next year's Blue Jays. It's true that the last time the Red Sox repeated as World Champions was in 1916. It's also true that the last time they won the title they tumbled all the way to last place in the following season. I still advise against it. Obviously you would never, never try such a gambit with the Yankees.  There have been 113 WS winners, and just 21 of those champions came back to win again the next year. And 12 of those 21 wore the pinstripes. Winning just makes them want to win again.

Cleveland - Nor should you cheer for Cleveland. They seem to be phasing Chief Wahoo out of the picture. Just not fast enough.

Atlanta - Nor should you cheer for Atlanta. I don't have a huge problem with the name (it's more complimentary than Vikings, no? Those guys were brutes.) But the chop must stop.

Houston - They're the defending champs. Too soon. Go away.

Los Angeles - They play in one of the great old parks, and if Vin Scully was still calling the games they'd rank higher. But he's not. It's been 30 years since their last title, but that gave them six overall. And I can actually remember some of them.

Oakland - The franchise has won many, many titles. The last one, I grant you, was almost 30 years ago (1989), but that was their fourth title in the Oakland years to go with the five for Connie Mack in Philadelphia. Granted, it would be nice if Billy Beane could say he's got something that works in the playoffs.

Milwaukee - Milwaukee won a championship 61 years ago - of course, that was a different franchise, one active in this year's post-season. There would be a pleasing symmetry in the 2017 title won by a team that came to the AL from the NL being followed by a team that went from the AL to the NL.

Colorado -Well, why not?