A's at Jays, 26-28 April

Friday, April 26 2019 @ 12:32 PM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

I wasn't sure how the front office was going to play this one.

Did they want to sneak El Hijo de Guerrero in under the radar, reduce the number of eyes fixed on him - say, some road game against a team no one cares about?

Or bring him up for the Tuesday game, the same night the Leafs were engaged in the Game 7 battle with the Bruins, while at the very same moment the Raptors were trying to close out the Magic. And on the same night that even hard-core nothing-exists-for-me-but-the-Jays fans would be marking the return of the beloved prodigal, Kevin Pillar. Vlad could slip somewhat under the radar on such a night, surely.

But no. The Leafs are done like dinner. The Raptors begin the next series tomorrow. All eyes will be on the Dome tonight.

Hey, we got matchups. Matchups, people. Yeah, like anyone cares...

Fri 26 Apr. 7:07 -  Fiers (2-2, 8.28) vs  Stroman (1-3, 1.76)
Sat 27 Apr. 3:07 -  Anderson (3-1, 3.04) vs  Sanchez (2-1, 2.77)
Sun 28 Apr. 1:07 -  Bassitt (1-0, 0.00) vs Thornton (0-3, 5.79)

A roster move by the Jays is required. I'd be fine with DFA'ing Hanson and Brito to clear space for The Kid. The Prince Who Was Promised. El Hijo de Guerrero.

Let's go.