White Sox @ Blue Jays - May 10-12

Friday, May 10 2019 @ 11:38 AM EDT

Contributed by: Gerry

The Blue Jays had a welcome and necessary day off yesterday and now it is time to see if they can end their recent slump and get back to winning some games. Although its not just winning games, its playing better baseball. The weak offense can be easily observed, itís the poor defense thatís a capper on the disappointment with losing. The fans know itís a rebuilding year so seeing the team lose more than win is expected. But the players and the team need to start showing sings of improvement. The defense needs to be tighter, the base running better and then let the offense and pitching fall where they may.

The White Sox are this weekends opponents. Their record is 16-20 and they are on a two game losing streak so someone will break their streak tonight. The pitching match-up for the Jays has become somewhat uncertain this morning with news that Clay Buchholz will not start. If his arm is indeed out of sorts, then he could go on the injured list and we could see two pitchers added this weekend, one to replace Pannone and one for Buchholz.

Friday, 7.10 Ė Dylan Covey vs. Daniel Hudson

Saturday, 3.07 Ė Ivan Nova vs. Marcus Stroman

Sunday, 1.07 Ė Lucas Giolito vs. Aaron Sanchez