Jays at Orioles, 17-19 September

Tuesday, September 17 2019 @ 07:25 AM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

The Jays head out on the final road trip of the season, having kept their unspoken commitment to losing more than 90 games for the first time in more than 20 years. As a very, very great man once said, "it's too late to stop now."

But there's no need to actually lose 100 games, surely. That hasn't happened to a Toronto team since the Carter administration. John Lennon and John Bonham were alive to witness it. So were Alfred Hitchcock and Jean-Paul Sartre. That was a long time ago, it was.

So let's not go there. And with that objective in mind - hey, bring on the Orioles. Please. They've already lost 100 games. What's left to lose?

But hang on, me hearties. What's all this then? There are only two teams in all of baseball that the Orioles have a winning record against, one of them being Mike Trout's Angels who dropped 4 of 7 to these bad birds. And the other? Your Toronto Blue Jays. The Orioles have beaten Toronto 7 times in 13 meetings. They've pulled this off despite being outscored 66-53 by the Jays in those games. How did that happen? It was two Toronto blowouts, by scores of 12-3 and 11-2, that tilted those numbers. Camden Yards was the scene of the crime each time.

Andrew Cashner beat the Jays twice this year, but he won't be a concern this time around. The Jays have also seen Dylan Bundy twice this season - he beat them 4-1 at the Dome back in July, and pitched well in a no decision last month. He's on the mound tonight, matched up with Trent Thornton who has faced the Orioles three times himself this season. He's done quite nicely ( 2-1, 2.12), too. And that means Thornton's picked up 40% of his career victories against the Orioles, which is a little weird.

So tonight will the Battle of the Aces.

After that it'll be desperate and ugly work. Because these are the matchups:

Tue 17 Sep - Thornton (5-9, 5.04) vs Bundy (6-14, 4.99)
Wed 18 Sep - Buchholz (1-5, 5.63) vs Brooks (3-5, 7.11)
Thu 19 Sep - Kay (0-0, 6.30) vs SOME GUY