Tampa Bay at Toronto, 27-29 September

Friday, September 27 2019 @ 02:19 PM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

The blue bus
Is calling us

The home team may be playing out the string, but the visitors are trying to lock up a place in the Wild Card Game. The Rays are two games up on Cleveland with three to play. A win tonight along with a Cleveland loss punches their ticket. Or the Rays could just take two of three this weekend and it doesn't matter what the Clevelanders do.

Matchups! (obviously subject to change on the visiting side)
Fri 27 Sep. - Glasnow (6-1, 1.92) vs Zeuch (1-1, 4.58)
Sat 28 Sep. - Yarbrough (11-5, 4.08) vs Thornton (5-9, 5.00)
Sun 29 Sep. - Snell (6-7, 4.21) vs Buchholz (1-5, 7.00)

What do the Jays have to play for? Well, Thornton has a chance to join Marcus Stroman and Daniel Hudson, both last seen here in July, as six-game winners and a share of the team lead for 2019. And Clay Buchholz will be trying to convince me that his work this season doesn't merit an F in Tuesday's Report Card.

Yeah, good luck with that.