Roster Construction

Monday, December 30 2019 @ 04:30 PM EST

Contributed by: Magpie

New thread is required, and perhaps we can start to speculate on the shape of the active roster. I suspect most of what was going to happen has already happened, at least until mid-March when teams start to cut loose people they're just not going to have room for...

So... something like this.

c Jansen
1b Shaw
2b Biggio
3b Guerrero
ss Bichette
rf Grichuk
cf Hernandez
lf Gurriel
dh Tellez

c McGuire
inf Espinal
of Fisher
inf-of Drury

sp Ryu
sp Shoemaker
sp Anderson
sp Roark
sp Thornton

rp Giles
rp Yamaguchi
rp Gaviglio
rp Font
rp Pannone
rp Bass

rp Borucki
rp Waguespack

You need to have someone on the roster who can play shortstop in a pinch, and Espinal is probably better qualified for that job than Valera. But they may decide that Bichette doesn't really need much support and let Espinal play every day in AAA. The fact that Drury can play anywhere buys him another life, it being understood that there's no way he comes to the plate 400 times this year.

Fisher is out of options, and I don't think they're ready to cut bait on him just yet.  I don't much like Hernandez in cf and Tellez at DH, and this is just an opening bid. It would fill me with happiness if someone - Alford? Davis? - would stake a claim to the centre field job and let Teoscar DH. If he can.

I figure the fifth starter will be whichever of Thornton, Borucki, or Waguespack looks most ready in the spring time, and the other two can either fill two of the many open jobs in the pen or pitch out of the Buffalo rotation. But I would certainly expect a few relief pitchers to be scooped up between now and Opening Day, most likely in the two weeks immediately before the season begins.