MLB Dream Brackets

Thursday, April 16 2020 @ 04:28 PM EDT

Contributed by: John Northey

MLB is doing a 'dream bracket' battle - interesting to see rosters.  I'm sure everyone here has opinions on it.

The teams are at 
Jays ranked #11...
Note: Roger Clemens (Red Sox), Fred McGriff (Rays) weren't listed for some reason, but they did allow players on multiple teams (Roberto Alomar is with the Jays, O's, Cleveland [3 years], and Padres [3 years there]).  I mean, what idiot would pick Jim Clancy over Roger Clemens (no insult to Clancy as I enjoyed him as a Jays but he isn't in Clemens league).  Olerud is on the Mets and Mariners too btw.

Greatest team ever is always fun to debate.  The bench here is screwed up as no one can cover SS/2B (yeah, Martin can, and Bell played a bit at 2B but really now).  I'd also take Kelly Gruber over Mulliniks (more positional flexibility) and maybe Orlando Hudson over Carter so there is an actual middle infielder on the bench.  B.J. Ryan might be nice to give a LH in the pen over David Wells (more of a starter).  I'm sure everyone has a few nitpicks here too.  So go at it and give reasons.  More fun that way.