Last Week of Summer Camp

Monday, July 20 2020 @ 02:52 AM EDT

Contributed by: John Northey

The Jays are going into their final week of camp homeless.

Right now the options appear to be...

An article on this from Sportsnet and another from The Washington Post just to give how this is seen from down south. Players all over are worried about this season and the mess it is already. I'm glad we are getting some baseball to watch but who knows how it will all end up in the end?

As to other Jays news...
An interesting tidbit also is that MLB is looking to fully take over the minors which probably would lead to teams being locked in long term for minor league assignments (ie: Buffalo locked in as Jays affiliate long term). I'd expect a lot of the minors to get shuffled into indy leagues after this. 4 teams in the minors per ML club is the goal of the majors and COVID is the perfect excuse to force it as most minor league teams will be in deep financial trouble now so easy to cut them out and tell the others 'this is the new way of the world, take it or go away'.

As always, lets hear more news as it comes. Who has looked good on TV so far? What are you all hearing about which players might have a strong 2020?