Prospect Lists

Thursday, January 21 2021 @ 10:01 AM EST

Contributed by: John Northey

The Top Prospect Lists are coming at last from assorted sites.

Listing their top 39 prospects for the Jays. Notable: Austin Martin debuts at #2 (with a 55) for the Jays behind Pearson (a 60 which indicates All-Star talent/3rd starter). 50's (average everyday player, #4 starter) are Simeon Woods Richardson 3rd and Kirk is 4th with Jordan Groshans, Orelvis Martinez, and Gabriel Moreno also 50's. Alek Manoah & Miguel Hiraldo are 45's, and 16 guys are 40's or 40+ (Bench/platoon player). 35+ (up and down AAAA guys) for the rest of the top 39. For comparison, Boston has 2 50's, 30 in the 40's, 14 35+'s. So more on their list, but little at the top. When it comes to prospects you need a lot at the top end as you can have 1000's of 35's and end up with nothing but utility guys.

Prospects 1500 a lesser known site, has their top 50 list up. They put Austin Martin as #1, Pearson #2 as tier 1 prospects (IE: All-Star potential), tier 2's (solid ML'ers) are Groshans, SWR, Orelvis Martinez, Alek Manoah, and Alejandro Kirk. Tier 3's are 5 guys, tons of tier 4's (middle relief/utility guys) and 5's (unlikely to ever make a 40 man roster).

MLB's current list has Pearson, Martin, Groshans, SWR, Manoah, Kirk. No indicator of quality on their site, just ranking. Their top 100 isn't updated for 2021 yet. Pearson is the #1 RHP prospect in MLB, no Jay made the top 10 catchers or LHP.
Edit: There is an indicator - just had to open up each player to get it (annoying) with Pearson a 65, Martin a 60, Groshans & SWR a 55, rest of the top 10 50's each.

Baseball America's is 100% behind a paywall (put together in November).

I'm sure there are others out there. Batter's Box didn't make a fresh list this year as without any games played it is hard to evaluate for most here. I suspect most lists are pure crapshoots this year with the lack of games.