Blue Jays at Oakland, May 3-6

Monday, May 03 2021 @ 12:36 PM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

I logged on, saw the 254 comments and thought - whoa! New thread required.

The Oakland A's are in first because... I don't know why. Because the night is dark and full of terrors? They have roughly a league average offense, and considering their home park that means they're doing just fine. But they also appear to have about league average pitching and defense, which is not so good. They scored 122 runs and allowed 128. They shouldn't have the best record in the American League. But guess what! They've gone 3-5 in blowouts, and 6-2 in one-run games.

And  the night is dark and full of terrors.

Matchups? Sure thing...

Mon 3 May - Matz (4-1, 4.00) vs Montas (2-2, 6.20)
Tue 4 May - Kay (0-1, 10.80) vs Irvin (2-3, 3.67)
Wed 5 May - Ray (1-1, 2.78) vs Bassitt (2-2, 3.93)
Thu 6 May - Ryu? (1-2, 2.60) vs Fiers (0-1, 4.50)

It's Marcus Semien Vengeance Tour, OK?