Manoah Up

Monday, May 24 2021 @ 10:29 PM EDT

Contributed by: John Northey

Yep, just announced.

Manoah is starting on Wednesday vs the Yankees per Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic. So now we get to see if the hype is real and hopefully the Jays get a big shot in the arm. Lord knows they need it right now.

9 pro starts, 1.54 ERA, 35 IP 8 BB 54 SO. For comparison to some greats... Dave Stieb: 128 IP before being called up, Roger Clemens: 127 2/3, Jim Abbott (not as high calibre) 0 IP, straight to majors (2 years sub 100 ERA+ but solid, then a 3rd place finish in Cy voting. So his innings are low, but not anywhere near a record by any stretch. Last year he would've had 50-100 IP I suspect if not for COVID and probably did that in camp. So lots of hope for 2021 for him. Lets hope he can keep his 6IP per start going.

From the Jays site not a full confirmation but if they wrote this nice an article odds are it is happening.