Blue Jays Sign Kevin Gausman

Sunday, November 28 2021 @ 10:04 PM EST

Contributed by: John Northey

Well, the first big free agent signing by the Jays has happened. Five-years, $110 million.

The Jays have been after Gausman for a long time.

Like Ray he had a career best season - 145 ERA+, 192 IP over 33 starts, 6th in Cy voting, All-Star, even some MVP votes (21st overall) - all firsts for him at age 30. However, he has had success before.

Overall, probably a solid signing. Just over $20 mil per over 5 years is pretty good in todays market for a potential #1. A solid Ray replacement. Both carry the same 'was 2021 for real' issue, but Ray had wildness to a big degree in his very recent past, Gausman doesn't. A big bonus is no draft pick compensation needed as he took the QO last winter. So if this means Ray goes then it is basically a trade of Ray for Gausman & draft pick & whatever the spread in pay is between them. Not bad.

More signings going on as I type... More coming I'm sure. Everyone seems determined to sign before a lockout hits.