The League Championship Series

Wednesday, October 19 2022 @ 07:43 AM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

And then there were four. Astros and Yankees, Phillies and Padres.

Two rather contrasting matchups. The AL gives us a pair of division winners, the two teams who won the most games during the regular season. The NL has jettisoned all the division champs and 100 game winners.

I had been seeing a pattern in how these series were playing out. No, not that the team with the older manager would win the series. That was only happening in the AL, and it went asunder last night anyway when the Yankees eliminated the Guardians. Rather, the team that had given the most innings to starting pitchers over the course of the season would win the series. That also went awry last night, but Cleveland did have a very unusual starting rotation - three really good pitchers and... nothing.

But it's still a shame, because I'd made a Data Table and everything...

      Starter Starter  Relief  Relief    
Team    IP    ERA    IP    ERA   
HOU    950    2.95    495.1   2.80   
CLE    907    3.73    549    3.05   
SEA    903    3.75    544    3.33   
NYY    894.1   3.51    557.1   2.97   
TOR    827.2   3.98    613.2   3.77   
TBR    753    3.45    682.2   3.36   

     Starter Starter  Relief  Relief   
Team    IP    ERA    IP    ERA   
SDP    901    3.80    542.1   3.83
PHA    896.2   3.80    531.2   4.27
ATL    890.1   3.72    557.2   3.03
NYM    878    3.61    560.2   3.55
LAD    870.1   2.75    581    2.87
STL    869.1   3.89    566.1   3.64

Predictions are a mug's game. Houston and Philadelphia look to be the better teams, but it's a short series. Sing it with me:

Anything can happen.

And probably will.