And Next Week, It's Spring....

Friday, March 17 2023 @ 07:00 AM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

The Blue Jays have enjoyed a pleasantly uneventful time in Florida so far.

At the very least, they haven't lost anyone important to a season-ending injury before the real games started. Got that going for them.

This is St. Patrick's Day, and on behalf of my long-gone ancestors, indulge me as I register a complaint. Since when does the world love the Irish, anyway? And are we supposed to chuckle at being cast as the planet's lovable town drunk? This is supposed to amuse us? Ha. Ha. Ha. What, centuries of oppression, a predisposition towards alcoholism, religious fanaticism, lousy weather, and terrible food hasn't given us enough grief? There's a reason it was the Irish who invented and perfected Modern Terrorism. We probably don't get enough credit for that.

Anyway, no green beer for me.

The same roster questions that we wondered about two weeks ago... we're still wondering about. Who will be the last position player? (I think it's Otto Lopez.) And who gets the final two bullpen spots, after Romano, Swanson, Garcia, Cimber, Bass, and Mayza. (I think it's probably White and Richards.)