Time To Register

Monday, April 03 2023 @ 11:50 AM EDT

Contributed by: Gerry

If you are a regular reader, and are not a member, and thereby unable to add your comments, your chance to register is here. Registration will give you the opportunity to participate in discussions.

Registration has been closed for some time now because our registration system was being bombarded with bot requests to the tune of hundreds per day. Occasionally some of these bots would get approved for membership and the articles would get spammed with bogus "offers". Seeing how we have not opened registration for a while we are opening it today. If you want to get involved this is your chance.

We still will have to filter through the member requests to determine who to approve or decline. If your email is from a Canadian provider such as Bell, Rogers or Telus, your request should get approved. However if you have an obscure email address such as 123456 at gmail dot com, we would probably think that is a bot account. If that looks like your address then email roster at battersbox dot ca to let us know yours is a legitimate address. Welcome aboard.