Jays Recent Drafting in Detail

Tuesday, August 08 2023 @ 06:51 PM EDT

Contributed by: John Northey

Lots of talk about the Jays development system and drafting under Atkins. How has it been? Lets see.

Vs AL East first...

Won't bother with 2021/22/23 as few have reached for those years. The net (removing DNS players) for those years is Jays 32.9, Rays 28, O's 20.2, Red Sox 14.6, Yankees 11.6. Huh, didn't expect the Jays to win that even with Bo given the O's high draft positions and the Rays extra picks each year.

So how did the Jays do in the first 3 round vs the next 10 guys picked (figuring they probably looked at those 10 and debated them, but after that unlikely).

Later rounds would be fun to do this with but really, not much point as we'd see a LOT more 'in minors' and guys who do well in rounds 4 and beyond tend to be later developers unless you get REALLY lucky. Bottom line? Jays have done reasonably well but could've done better. Oh to have Gallen in the rotation and Alonzo in the lineup. The O's were grossly helped by having so many high picks but the Jays still outdid them in net WAR so far - go figure.