Gold Glove Finalists

Wednesday, October 18 2023 @ 01:58 PM EDT

Contributed by: John Northey

Once again a few Jays are up for the Gold Glove awards.... 5 players in total are among the top 3 at their position for defense (which shouldn't be a shocker this year).

P: José Berríos vs and
C: vs and
3B: vs and José Ramírez
LF: vs and
CF: vs and

Sadly (not surprisingly), Springer, Bo, Vlad, and whoever you want to list at 2B didn't make the finals.

By DRS Chapman is #1 by a mile at 3B for the AL (12 to 6), Kirk by a mile at C (17 to 8), Varsho in the OF (29 to KK's 18 to 15 for 3rd) so if that measure has a lot of sway the Jays should get those 4 awards easily.  If you cut to just LF Varsho is 2nd with 11 to Kwan's 15 but Kwan has 0 elsewhere vs Varsho's 18 in CF (ties KK for most in CF).  I can't find a leaderboard for pitchers, but Berrios had 5 DRS as a pitcher which sounds good (Gray at 4, Lopez also at 4).  So it is possible all 5 win which would be cool to see.  Hey, if we can't win playoff games at least we can see guys win awards.  I'll take what I can get.

Note: ex-Jays up for GG's are at 2B (AL), at P (NL), at C (NL), and Canadian team member at 1B (NL) (I'm sure someone will let me know if I missed anyone)

For oddities - 3 guys are up for 2 gold gloves each - NL: for utility and RF (107 games in RF, 70 at 2B, 16 at SS) and for 2B and utility (106 games at 2B, 32 at 3B, 20 at SS), plus AL: for 2B & utility (79 at 2B, 29 in CF, 9 at SS, 9 in LF, 2 in RF, 2 at 1B).  I think they need to clean that up at some point so guys are only up for one position not one position plus utility.

For reference, past Jays...
2022: 1B: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (this will always seem odd I suspect)
2021: 2B: Marcus Semien
2017: P: Marcus Stroman
2013: P: R.A. Dickey
2006: OF: Vernon Wells
2005: 2B: Orlando Hudson & OF: Vernon Wells
2004: OF: Vernon Wells
1999: OF: Shawn Green
1995: 2B: Roberto Alomar & OF: Devon White
1994: 2B: Roberto Alomar & OF: Devon White
1993: 2B: Roberto Alomar & OF: Devon White
1992: 2B: Roberto Alomar & OF: Devon White
1991: 2B: Roberto Alomar & OF: Devon White
1990: 3B: Kelly Gruber
1989: SS: Tony Fernandez
1988: SS: Tony Fernandez
1987: SS: Tony Fernandez & OF: Jesse Barfield
1986: SS: Tony Fernandez & OF: Jesse Barfield

So an all-time GG Jays team by position is...
C: Maybe Kirk
1B: Vlad
2B: Semien & Alomar (5 times) & Hudson
3B: Gruber
SS: Tony Fernandez (4 times)
LF: none yet
CF: Devon White (5 times), Vernon Wells (3 times)
RF: Jesse Barfield (2 times), Shawn Green (once)
P: Dickey & Stroman

So if Varsho & Kirk win they'll finish providing at least one Jay at each position.  Don't get voters not picking Barfield every year he was qualified for it (he was amazing out there) but that was when they could and often did pick 3 CF'ers for the 3 OF gold gloves.  We've never seen more than 2 winners in a season, so with 5 nominees this could be a Jays record.year (I suspect 5 nominees is the Jays record).  Btw, I did double check and Josh Donaldson has never won a Gold Glove which seems odd as he had a great rep there, and great stats (2nd in majors for defense at 3B according to FanGraphs for 2015, #1 in AL but dropped to a negative in 2016).

Winners will be announced Sunday November 5th at 7:30 PM.