Post Post Season Time

Thursday, November 02 2023 @ 12:25 PM EDT

Contributed by: John Northey

The season is over, the Rangers won it all - sigh. Now time for the Jays and all others to dream big about who will sign and who will be traded.

Dates coming up...

So which top free agents might the Jays go for? Really, this winter if the Jays go for a top free agent and can't sign the unicorn or Bellinger they'll need to make it a starting pitcher. The quality drops drastically and quickly after that unless they resign Chapman (I don't see that happening). Trades are a crapshoot, who knows who is available and why - SD has money issues, as do other teams (TV deals collapsed for 14 teams) but which ones and how big are those issues? We can't know the full scope unless they are dumb enough to publicly announce it (few would). Which players are pains in the butt to have around, which are really good team players? Again, we can't know unless they are gross publicly (or charged). Plus, of course, we have the background of the Jays needing to start thinking seriously about Bo & Vlad extensions as there are just 2 years left pre-free agency for them, and Jansen who is a free agent post 2024.

Mix in the kids who deserve a spot either now (Schneider) or soon (Orelvis Martinez, Ricky Tiedemann, Addison Barger, etc.) and we have a lot to debate. It'll be fun overanalyzing all of this as things happen.