Toronto at Baltimore, May 13-15

Monday, May 13 2024 @ 04:14 PM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

The last place Blue Jays, the first place Orioles. In their house. Should be fun.

The Jays made two trips to Camden Yard last year, and lost two of three games on each occasion. The Orioles even managed to beat Jose Berrios last August, something they had never been able to do before. Jose is now 10-1, 2.98 in 14 career starts against the Orioles, and will try to start a new streak against them tonight. We're all painfully aware of how Ryan Mountcastle has tormented Yusei Kikuchi (7-15, 4 HRs) - Adley Rutschmann is 10-16 (that's .625, folks) against Berrios.

The Orioles are pretty good at keeping the other team from scoring, but the strength of the team has been the best offense in the American League. Everybody is hitting, including guys you've never heard of - well, everyone is hitting but Cedric Mullins, but we all know Mullins to be a good player who almost surely will start hitting any day now. (Words all too familiar to Blue Jays fans this year, I suspect.)


Mon 13 May -  Berrios (4-3, 2.85) vs Burnes (3-2, 2.83)
Tue 14 May - Bassitt (3-5, 5.06) vs Bradish (0-0, 1.86)
Wed 15 May - Kikuchi (2-3, 2.64) vs Irvin (4-1, 2.90)