Tampa Bay at Toronto, May 17-19

Friday, May 17 2024 @ 01:58 PM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

A six game homestand commences with a visit from the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Rays just took three of four from the Red Sox in Fenway, and they finished it all with an amusing screwup. With closer Jason Adam on the mound, with two out, two runners on, and a two run lead, the Rays lost track of how many mound visits had already taken place. Once pitching coach Kyle Snyder crossed the foul line, they had to take Adam out of the game. Erasmo Ramirez got to warm up, and then retired Romy Gonzalez on a comebacker.

SO far, the Rays have looked thoroughly mediocre, as if all the talent that has left in recent years is finally starting to catch up to them.  They can also sing a song we know all too well - we know these guys can hit, they just haven't hit yet. But Yandy Diaz is indeed batting .247, after hitting .330 last year to lead the league. Harold Ramirez, who isn't expected to do anything but hit, is giving them a line of .268/.287/.312, and one generally hopes that one's DH can get the old OPS above .600. And Randy Arozarena? Or whoever that imposter who looks like him might be, the one with the .159/.258/.329 slash line.

Yeah, they'll probably start hammering the ball any day now.


Fri 17 May - Alexander (1-2, 5.45) vs Bassitt (3-5, 5.06)
Sat 18 May - Elfin (3-4, 3.91) vs Gausman (2-3, 4.95)
Sun 19 May - Civale (2-3, 5.83) vs Manoah (0-1, 4.91)

You might notice that Alek Manoah has the best ERA of the Jays' three scheduled starters. How come it doesn't feel like things are back to normal?