Jays Roundup - Breathe In Breathe Out

Thursday, September 16 2004 @ 09:18 AM EDT

Contributed by: Pepper Moffatt

Tied to a wheel fingers got to feel
I spin on a whim I slide to the right
I felt you like electric light

Jays 3 - Orioles 0

  1. Recaps:

  2. Fordin Notes on a new batting line-up and a scheduling change:

      If you planned on catching the Blue Jays in Yankee Stadium, your travel itinerary just got pushed up a day. Toronto's series in New York will run from Monday through Wednesday, as opposed to Tuesday through Thursday. That move was made to accommodate the Yanks, who still have a makeup game against Tampa Bay to get out of the way.

    In a seperate issue, why did Mike Wilner get Rosh Hashanah off but Spencer Fordin still had to work? What's the deal with that?

  3. Ganter Notes on the scheduling change and a golf tournament:

      The Blue Jays Care Foundation was the big winner in the team's annual ninth annual charity golf tournament on Tuesday.

      The tournament raised $85,000.

      Individually the big winners on the day were the foursome of pitching coach Gil Patterson, bullpen coach Bruce Walton, first base coach Joe Breeden and equipment manager Jeff Ross.

      That quartet won the best-ball tournament with a score of 14-under-par on the tough King Valley layout.

  4. Now that Carlos Delgado is likely leaving the media seems to be treating him with a lot more respect. Case in point: Bob Elliott's "Last chance to see Carlos?":

      There will be bidders for Delgado. You can't walk by a scout or a general manager without him asking about Delgado.

      Is he healthy? As a horse.

      Is he a leader? He leads by example.

      Is he a good guy? Every father should hope his son has the same qualities.

      Why didn't he waive his no-trade? Because, from July 30 until opening day the following year, he didn't want to play for three teams -- the Jays, Team A as a hired gun and Team B as an off-season signing.

      Does he want to stay here? Athletes in the free-agent era are knocked for jumping from one club to another for an extra dollar. This guy was knocked for wanting to stay with his team.

    I do agree with Elliott on the last point. Blasting Delgado for not waiving his no-trade clause was unnecessary.

  5. Many people have been impressed by the arm of Alexis Rios. In "Rios's rockets find target" Larry Millson indicates that Gregg Zaun is among the impressed:

      The thing about Alexis Rios's throws from right field, Toronto Blue Jays catcher Gregg Zaun was saying, is how much they move.

      But they always seem to find Zaun at home plate. Last night's throw in the seventh inning caught the Baltimore Orioles' Rafael Palmeiro at home to preserve a 1-0 lead and give the rookie right fielder 10 assists.

  6. I'm a little surprised we haven't heard more about Chris Carpenter from the Blue Jays press. Richard Griffin's "Jays whiffed badly on Carpenter" attempts to fill that void:

      The Jays outrighted his contract to Triple-A on Oct. 4, 2002, knowing he would refuse and opt for free agency. If they had kept him on the 40-man roster, he could have filed for arbitration and won millions, even though surgery to repair a labrum tear would keep him out of action for most of '03. The budget didn't allow it.

      "They didn't feel I was going to get a major-league contract," Carpenter recalled. "But, there were about five or six teams that were going to offer me a major-league contract, to give me the opportunity to rehab and come back and pitch for them. I came and talked to (Cards GM) Walt (Jocketty). I knew some of the guys on the team and knew they had a chance to win. It's a great organization."

  7. Tonight's 7:05PM EST start at the Dome: A battle of righties as RHP Rodrigo Lopez (12-8, 3.86 ERA) faces RHP Miguel Batista (10-11, 4.64 ERA).