The 40 man roster

Friday, November 19 2004 @ 10:00 AM EST

Contributed by: Mike Green

Today is the deadline for finalizing the 40 man roster for Rule 5 purposes. The Jays currently have 32 men on their roster, including late-season and post-season additions Russ Adams, Gustavo Chacin and Seong Song. Here is the roster. Who will be added, and how many spots, if any, will be left open on the roster?

In August, we took an early look at possible 40 man roster additions. Since then, there have been deletions from the roster. Possible additions to the roster include: Raul Tablado, John Hattig, Miguel Negron, Vince Perkins, Ismael Ramirez, Ron Davenport, Davis Romero and Robinson Diaz. It looks to me like the first 5 are likely to be there. What does the readership think?

Thanks to Marc for the reminder.