QOTD-...and baby it is murder

Monday, December 06 2004 @ 09:16 AM EST

Contributed by: Mike Green

Today's question has its genesis in an e-mail exchange between Jordan and I. An abbreviated summary follows:

Mike: Ah, the joys of fatherhood. My son in Grade 11 wanted to discuss over dinner his anthropology project- "The cultural implications of early episodes of the Flintstones". Cool, eh? Maybe in 15 years, your daughter will want to discuss the Simpsons for a project.
Jordan: With my luck, it'll be Ren and Stimpy.
Mike: No worries, the Simpsons will be the Beatles of 2020 while Ren and Stimpy will be the Jan and Dean.

So, our question of the day will allow baseball or non-baseball entries. Describe how a current ballplayer, pop group, TV show of your choosing will be seen 15-20 years from now, using an icon from yesteryear from another activity/medium? For instance, in 2020, Randy Johnson shall be seen in a way similar to the way we look at which pop artist or TV show of the 70s or 80s now.