Make The Trade Challenge

Monday, December 13 2004 @ 02:53 AM EST

Contributed by: Pepper Moffatt

There's a rumor going around, and like all rumors this time of year, there's a 98% chance it's false. But it's a fun rumor, so we'll play around with it.

The rumor is that there will be a 3-way trade between Oakland, Toronto, and some contender. The contender will get Tim Hudson, and who knows what the Jays and A's will get.

Here's your challenge:

Make a trade that involves the following teams:

  1. The A's
  2. The Jays
  3. At least one of the O's, Dodgers, Braves, Cardinals or Marlins

That has Tim Hudson going to one of the #3 teams.

Bonus points again for something that is feasible and/or creative. No deals involving the White Sox, please.

Orlando Hudson would look great in an A's uniform. The chances that it's going to happen are exceedingly close to zero, but extra super bonus points for any trade that involves the A's swapping Hudsons.