Jays 5, Rays 2: No More Opening Day Blowouts!

Tuesday, April 05 2005 @ 08:19 AM EDT

Contributed by: Rob

These aren't the same Blue Jays of Opening Days past. Remember last year, when Jason Johnson -- Jason Johnson! -- outpitched Roy Halladay?

Or the Derek Jeter Affair in 2003? These were sad, sad days in the Greater Toronto Area, my loyal and loving readers. Oh, not Jeter getting hurt, the loss. The loss was sad.

But those sad days are gone! Like Robbie Alomar homering off Eck in 1992, yesterday's game was a turning point for this franchise.

Who am I kidding? It's only one game.

However, since sabermetrics have not yet reached the analysis of television broadcasting, there is no such thing as small sample size when it comes to Sportsnet. So I shall share with you my thoughts on the look, feel, sound, taste and smell of the Toronto Blue Jays 2005 on Rogers Sportsnet!

I hope the television broadcasts continue to be as good as they were yesterday, because I don't want to listen to the radio this year. It's too bad, because I know I'll miss Jerry in about two weeks.

Some highlights from yesterday:

Therefore, I award the picture of this creepy laughing British guy to Chuck Van Den Corput, since making fun of the elderly never gets old. Am I right, Magpie?

Moving on, I see our nicknames are coming along nicely. I am happy to see The Dude mesh with Hinske. Games Where Hinske Is Not The Dude: Hinske sucks. Games Where Hinske Is The Dude: Hinske homers. Works for me! We might have a new one for Scott Schoeneweis -- does anyone care to take a ride on the "S.S. LOOGY"?

So...did I forget anything? Oh, of course! You can't have a Rob-written Game Report without one of these! It's a pretty bland one today, as Doc was more or less solid throughout the game.

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Does anyone have anything else read-worthy?