Stepping into Da Box: Alan Schwarz

Wednesday, June 08 2005 @ 04:45 PM EDT

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

Noted Baseball Author/Journalist to Highlight
Inaugural Box Live Chat Group Interview

As announced here last week, noted baseball statistician/author/historian Alan Schwarz will be appearing in Toronto shortly to talk about his new book, The Numbers Game: Baseball's Lifelong Fascination with Statistics. Also appearing on the bill with Schwarz will be a journeyman outfielder named Vernon something-or-other.

And as speculated during that announcement, Schwarz will be featured in the first-ever Batter's Box Live Chat group interview, this Thursday at 7:30 PM Eastern time; there is no game Thursday, so we will use the regular IRC channel and process, though it is likely that this chat will be moderated in some way; additional instructions, if necessary, will be posted to the site closer to the time of the actual chat.

To prepare for the group interview, let's use this thread to brainstorm topics and specific questions ... here are some starter points:

Batter's Box is very proud of its tradition of excellence in providing its readers with "behind the scenes" insights thanks to interviews with Toronto front office (Ricciardi, Law, others), Blue Jay players (Frasor, Bush, Gross, Lundberg, others) and coaches (Butterfield, then-coach Gibbons, others) as well as local (Baker & Griffin, Campbell, Wilner, others) and national (Sickels, Neyer, Verducci, others) media personalities. This new chat-function "group interview" is a real step toward putting some meaning in the "Interactive" part of this site's Batter's Box Interactive Magazine moniker.

Now what do we want to ask Schwarz?

Well, that seems like enough to start with! Ask away, Bauxites, and be sure to mark Thursday night on your calendar for the first-ever Batter's Box Chat group interview. An edited transcript of the chat will be published on the site for those who cannot attend "live" -- and of course, mark your calendars further for Schwarz's appearance in Toronto on the 18th, details in the original announcement.