Hall of Names Labo(u)r Day Challenge

Monday, September 05 2005 @ 07:01 AM EDT

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

In honor of Labo(u)r Day in North America, here's a real "workmanlike" Hall of Names team and an invitation to make it better; I admit this one is slapped together with the three actual "Workmans" (and one Works) in big league history plus various Farmers, Carpenters, Millers and Smiths and a few other obvious hey-that-name-is-a-job folks.

And before anyone suggests it, no, we aren't making this an "All-Traded" team, as that would get unwieldy fast.

It'd be nice to have each name used only once -- although we're not close to doing that right now -- and to introduce all kinds of other artisans and occupations into the lineup ... just keep it to last/family names, okay?

So please welcome ...

The Labor Pains
**indicates Hall of Famer
* indicates All-Star

MGR: Earl WEAVER** (1480-1060)
Bench Coach: Chuck TANNER (1352-1381)

C Walker COOPER* (8-time All-Star, .285, 173 homers)
1B Cecil COOPER* (.298, 241 homers)
2B Billy HUNTER* (.219 career hitter was '53 Rookie All-Star)
SS Ozzie SMITH** (.262, 13 Gold Gloves)
3B Scott COOPER* (1993-94 All-Star)
LF Al E. SMITH* (.272, 164 homers, two-time All-Star)
CF Torii HUNTER* (2002 All-Star)
RF Lonnie SMITH* (.288 in 17 seasons)
DH Hilton SMITH** (Negro League star)

C Damian MILLER* (.264 career hitter was 2002 All-Star)
IF Eddie MILLER* (.238 career hitter was 7-time All-Star)
OF Reggie SMITH* (.287, 314 homers for switch-hitter)
OF/3B Chuck WORKMAN (.242, 1938-46 CLE, BSN, PIT)
UTIL Farmer WEAVER (.278, 1878-1884; double whammy)

RHSP Jim "Catfish" HUNTER** (224-166)
LHSP Wilbur COOPER (216-178)
RHSP Chris CARPENTER* (chasing 20 wins in 2005)
RHSP Mort COOPER* (128-75)
LHSP Al J. SMITH* (99-101, 1943 All-Star)

CL-RH Lee SMITH (478 saves)
RHRP Stue MILLER (154 saves)
RHRP Dave SMITH (216 saves)
RHRP Ed FARMER (30 saves in 1980; 75 career)
RP-LONG Wade MILLER* (58-39 through 2004)

Taking the Day Off
1B Hank Workman (1-for-5, 1950 NYY)
RHRP Hoge Workman (0-0, 8.50 in 11 1924 BOS games)
RHSP Ralph Works (24-24, 1090-13)
RHRP Bruce Tanner (1-2 for 1985 CHW)
RHSP Jeff Weaver (64-76 through 2004)
LHSP Eddie Smith* (73-113)
C Hal R. Smith* (.258, two-time All-Star)
Lots and lots and lots of other Smiths ...

This team obviously owes quite a debt to the previous All-Smith team ... let's see if we can do something about that.

So Bauxites, how does this team work for you?