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In honor of Labo(u)r Day in North America, here's a real "workmanlike" Hall of Names team and an invitation to make it better; I admit this one is slapped together with the three actual "Workmans" (and one Works) in big league history plus various Farmers, Carpenters, Millers and Smiths and a few other obvious hey-that-name-is-a-job folks.

And before anyone suggests it, no, we aren't making this an "All-Traded" team, as that would get unwieldy fast.

It'd be nice to have each name used only once -- although we're not close to doing that right now -- and to introduce all kinds of other artisans and occupations into the lineup ... just keep it to last/family names, okay?

So please welcome ...

The Labor Pains
**indicates Hall of Famer
* indicates All-Star

MGR: Earl WEAVER** (1480-1060)
Bench Coach: Chuck TANNER (1352-1381)

C Walker COOPER* (8-time All-Star, .285, 173 homers)
1B Cecil COOPER* (.298, 241 homers)
2B Billy HUNTER* (.219 career hitter was '53 Rookie All-Star)
SS Ozzie SMITH** (.262, 13 Gold Gloves)
3B Scott COOPER* (1993-94 All-Star)
LF Al E. SMITH* (.272, 164 homers, two-time All-Star)
CF Torii HUNTER* (2002 All-Star)
RF Lonnie SMITH* (.288 in 17 seasons)
DH Hilton SMITH** (Negro League star)

C Damian MILLER* (.264 career hitter was 2002 All-Star)
IF Eddie MILLER* (.238 career hitter was 7-time All-Star)
OF Reggie SMITH* (.287, 314 homers for switch-hitter)
OF/3B Chuck WORKMAN (.242, 1938-46 CLE, BSN, PIT)
UTIL Farmer WEAVER (.278, 1878-1884; double whammy)

RHSP Jim "Catfish" HUNTER** (224-166)
LHSP Wilbur COOPER (216-178)
RHSP Chris CARPENTER* (chasing 20 wins in 2005)
RHSP Mort COOPER* (128-75)
LHSP Al J. SMITH* (99-101, 1943 All-Star)

CL-RH Lee SMITH (478 saves)
RHRP Stue MILLER (154 saves)
RHRP Dave SMITH (216 saves)
RHRP Ed FARMER (30 saves in 1980; 75 career)
RP-LONG Wade MILLER* (58-39 through 2004)

Taking the Day Off
1B Hank Workman (1-for-5, 1950 NYY)
RHRP Hoge Workman (0-0, 8.50 in 11 1924 BOS games)
RHSP Ralph Works (24-24, 1090-13)
RHRP Bruce Tanner (1-2 for 1985 CHW)
RHSP Jeff Weaver (64-76 through 2004)
LHSP Eddie Smith* (73-113)
C Hal R. Smith* (.258, two-time All-Star)
Lots and lots and lots of other Smiths ...

This team obviously owes quite a debt to the previous All-Smith team ... let's see if we can do something about that.

So Bauxites, how does this team work for you?

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CeeBee - Monday, September 05 2005 @ 08:45 AM EDT (#127398) #
Just for some variety, how about Lance Painter, Carl Sawyer, Max Butcher, Home run Baker, Johnny Priest, Jimmy Archer and Jim Brewer just to name a few. Most of these guys were not big name players but Home Run Baker and Jim Brewer are pretty deserving. :)
CeeBee - Monday, September 05 2005 @ 09:06 AM EDT (#127399) #
Chief Bender, Gary Carter, Joe Carter, Spud Chandler, Bob Feller, Darren Fletcher, Wally Joyner, Mike Marshall, Darrell Porter, Bob Skinner and Joe Tinker. A website like comes in handy but I mostly used more common or interesting occupations as many on the list are no longer in business or have a more modern name.
smcs - Monday, September 05 2005 @ 04:07 PM EDT (#127433) #
Perhaps Pitcher Eddie Fisher* or Cecil Fielder*
Mick Doherty - Monday, September 05 2005 @ 08:33 PM EDT (#127446) #
Good ideas, all -- I can see Brewer, Tinker, Marshall, Fisher, Porter, Baker and even Priest being good ideas and providing strength to the team, especially adding Jim Brewer and Eddie Fisher to the bullpen, not to mention Mike Marshal! And maybe Painter and Butcher, too.

As for Archer, Fletcher (aren't those kind of the same thing?), Sawyer, Bender, Carter, Chandler (one who makes candles, I think?) , Joyner, Skinner and Fielder -- I just don't see those, but am willing to be convinced.

CeeBee - Monday, September 05 2005 @ 10:06 PM EDT (#127453) #
FLETCHER - arrowsmith (from French fleche).
BENDER - cut leather
FELLER - woodcutter
CARTER - carries or conveys in or as if in a cart
SAWYER - saws timber to boards
CHANDLER - candle seller, grocer, provisioner, usually associated with provisioning ships
JOYNER or JOINER - skilled carpenter
SKINNER - dealer in hides, mule driver

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The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.