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On July 30, Jorge Soler was hitting .192/.288/.370 for the fourth place Kansas City Royals, 15 games off the division lead. Today he's the World Series MVP. Youneverknow.
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Here's a famous photograph. (Yes, it's some windy baseball lore, for a day with no baseball.)
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Long time Jays watchers know all too well that the Gold Standard for bullpen failure was established almost forty years ago.
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I thought I'd look at the Earl Weaver Clause in the official rule book. It's some windy baseball lore, for a day with no baseball.
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Hey, it's about time for a new thread, right? It's probably also just about time for me to go off on some weird tangent down the dim and misty paths of history... that's how you really know baseball season's coming.

Or we can just blame it all on John Northey. What do you think?
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Back in the misty Days of Yore (it was mid-summer 2006), I published a series of articles on this very website that looked at the all time top 25 in each of five major counting categories. The idea was to assess the chances of some active players of cracking those lists. The categories were: a)  Runs, b)  RBIs, c) Hits, d) HRs.
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I miss Earl Weaver, and I do wonder from time to time what he'd make of where the game has gone these days.
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Is what Edwin Encarnacion did last August the best month by a hitter in Blue Jays history?

As you might recall, Encarnacion hit .407 with 11 HR and 35 RBI; his OnBase was .460 and he slugged .919 - that's an OPS of 1.379, and I found it hard to imagine anyone being any better than that. But I didn't actually know, I wanted to find out, and I only knew one way to do that.
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So here's what happened...

We have a once-proud franchise, one that had been scuffling on the margins of irrelevance for more than a decade despite the presence on their playing roster of some truly outstanding players. All else having failed, team ownership decided to entrust the team to a hometown boy. It's an internal promotion - the new guy had been an assistant to the outgoing general manager. The new GM slowly assembles the talent required to make this team a contender. There are setbacks along the way - it took a few years to find the right manager, there were some trades that didn't work out, there were some unique issues with team ownership. Eventually, however, in his sixth year on the job - thanks in large part to a key trade and fuelled by a remarkable second half hot streak - it all came together in a 93 win season that ended, alas, with a memorable showdown against the eventual World Series champs.

Naturally, said GM isn't going to see a seventh year on the job.
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Here's some windy baseball lore, to tide us through a Day With No Baseball.

You see, it struck me that we might have just seen, in a little more than 24 hours, the worst start by a Blue Jays pitcher in their post-season history, quickly  followed by the best start in the team's post-season history.
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A passing remark from my man Dave Till:

"All I can say for sure is that I've never seen a period of short-term dominance greater than what the Jays were doing this August."
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It's mid-September and the Blue Jays are in Yankee Stadium for a crucial four-game series with their division rivals. The Jays hold a slim lead atop the AL East, they've got their ace ready to pitch the opener... and some of us have been here before.
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As Matt Boyd laid an enormous turd on the Rogers Centre mound last night, Bauxite scottt was moved to express a cri du coeur:

Worst start in Jays history?
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One of the game's most famous and most remarkable records has now stood for exactly one hundred years. (Well, now it's one hundred and three...)
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It was exactly one hundred years ago today that one George Herman Ruth - you've heard of him, right? - made his major league debut.

That's a pretty cool anniversary, no?
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