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If you want to send us an e-mail try registration at battersbox dot ca.

If your application for membership has been rejected try again after reading this paragraph.  We reject over 90% of membership applications because they are spammers.  Your application could have been thought of as spam.  How do we suspect spam?  If your chosen name makes sense only to you such as "kfgmcd".  Non real word user names usually are spam related.  If your email provider is gmail or aol we could think it is spam, again if you have a non-recognizable user name.  Over 50% of our spam applications are from gmail.  So try a user name that suggests baseball, remembering our rule not to impersonate a player. 



If you have a story you would like to post, a pinch-hit as we call them, send an email to roster at and someone will look after you.

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