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The BBFL is back for the 2012 season.
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Our very own three division sixty team fantasy league is back for another campaign.
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Congratulations to  Pohnpei Papayas, the Isodopes  and 92-93 winners respectively of the Regular Season in the BBFL's Alomar, Barfield and Carter divisions.
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The world's politest fantasy league is back.
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Congratulations to the regular season champions - The Pohnpei Papayas, 1 Tool Wonders and outa here.
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Update on the early going in the BBFL.
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The BBFL has it's complete haul of owners for the year.  The trading window is open in the Alomar and Barfield divisions and will open in the Carter division this weekend as soon as we hear from one more owner and can complete roster assignments.  Feel free to use this this thread for trade/keeper discussions.

BBFL owners please get your keepers in promptly or I will pick them for you - this is not something you want.

Want to join us?   The waiting list for next year - or for any last minute drop outs this year - is empty, so if you'd like to join it please drop me a line at bbfl at
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Welcome to Year Seven of the Batter's Box Fantasy League.

Update:  Existing owners last chance. If you want to play this year let me know by the end of the weekend (Sun 22nd) or I'll be giving your slot to a new owner.
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We're at the semi-final stage.
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Congratulations to the division winners, Schroedinger's Bat, The Pohnpei Papayas and The Wedding Singers.
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It's late in the season but nothing is decided in the BBFL, this week sees new leaders in Alomar and Barfield.
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Just four regular season weeks left and the battle hots up.
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At the break the Magic 9, the Papayas and the Wedding Singers lead the way.  It's typically tight in all the divisions, with over half the owners still having a realistic shot at a top 6 finish and a playoff spot.  We are entering the pesky short week which can have a big effect on the standings.
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The Alomar division has quickly become a two horse race between the Magic 9 and W-A-M-C-O.  Things are more competitive in Barfield where the Garth Iorg Gremlins are being closely persued by the New jersey Stratuses. Papayas and Sexy Underpants.  The Carter division is even tougher, the dangercats lead the way, but have four teams - the Randy Wolves, Senate, Wedding Singers and Ballpark Frank right behind them. 
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A look at the BBFL as we enter the second third of the fantasy season.
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