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Name 22 pitchers.
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This one'll test your memory.
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Seems to be Prediction Day here at the old corral. Step right up and put your pride on the line.

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Got to this sooner than I thought I would.
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What? I'm not late. Your face is late.
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Here are the answers to last week's challenge.
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See how many players you can identify in these filtered photos of 2011.
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Okay, Bauxites!  Time to reveal the answers and announce the winners of last week's episode of "Name That Future Major Leaguer".
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See how many future major leaguers you can spot in these photos from my minor league archives.  These are not the greatest quality of photos but the winner who figures out who is who will get a highly coveted, limited edition photo of Pedro Florimon Jr.  Runner-up prizes are a photo of Eric Fryer and one of my cats because it's Christmas! 
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Let's assume Adam Loewen gets into a game this month.
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Not a challenge, but certainly trivia. Just in case there's one person out there who ever wondered about this. (I mean, I wondered about it, and I'm not that weird.)
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Can you name all four players in these filtered photos?

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I may have mentioned this before sometime.
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Like that, only like this.
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I feel some trivia coming on!
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