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As fans, we are often undone by our expectations.

Example: 2004 wouldn't have been half as bad if 2003 hadn't had so many improbable bright spots.

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Here we journey via the Way Back Machine into the exploits of Blue Jays in All Star Games past...
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Just when you thought you were done with all the 20th anniversary stories about the home ballpark of your Toronto Blue Jays!

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Is he awesome or what?

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Did Yankees fans enjoy last night's game? Let's check in at Bronx Banter and Replacement Yankees Weblog
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I was at the game tonight, so let me tell you how it went.
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Wow. You can't make this stuff up. The Red Sox are now in Year 1 of waiting for The Next Championship, scheduled for 2090 (every 86 years), while their AL East pals in pinstripes gave back what they took away from the Angels -- home field advantage -- after just a single day. Aaron Small is human, after all, choosing his post-season debut to break up his personal 10-0 Yankee perfect record. The Bosox/Chisox recap follows behind the "More" link, but feel free to comment on either game, kids.
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One day, three games, three big early leads. One big lead shrunk down, one lead kept growing, the last one just sorta ... stayed put. NYY/LAAA ... home field advantage swings back to the Bronx Bombers.
The Royals did their best to give this one away, but the Jays resisted the temptation...

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You know what? The kids are all ri-i-i-ght, the kids are all ri-i-i-ght, the kids are alright! (John-Ford Griffin with 4 RBIs in his first ML start. Hey...)

And Josh Towers finishes his fine season with 208.2 innings and a 3.71 ERA.

Big Papi does the clutch thing again, as the Bosox ensure that it will be an interesting final weekend. Your thoughts?
Sorry, no gloating over SoSH here. Too tired. Perhaps Magpie will have the transcript for us by 3:45 am...

Anyway, I missed the whole game. What was good about tonight's win over Boston?
Two sacrifice flies in the last two innings made the difference, as the Jays managed a split with the BoSox. Chalk this one up to the bullpen, which bailed out Gustavo Chacin, and the bats, which never quit and continued to grind it out. Shaun Marcum is having himself quite the big-league debut.
Dave Bush overcame a very shaky start, and Dustin McGowan contributed two perfect innings of relief, but it was all for naught. The Jays could only push across one unearned run, and according to GameDay, made outs with 12 runners on base. Gustavo Chacin will try to salvage a split in the nightcap, going up against Curt Schilling.
The thing about the Yankees is that even if you keep the Jason Giambis and the Derek Jeters and the Alex Rodriguezes off the board, they can still send a stealth Robinson Cano out there to beat you with a long ball. The Yanks took the measure of the Jays this season, and it's apparent there's still a sizeable gulf between the two teams. Can the Jays make up that difference between now and next April?