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Buffalo lost again. New Hampshire won for the first time since August 31st. Vancouver, Dunedin and the FCL Jays lost. The Jays have promoted players over the last few days, mainly in response to New Hampshire's COVID outbreak. Several of those players have played well at the higher levels.
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How are we to express our gratitude? We owe so much.
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It is the last week of the season for everyone but Buffalo. It is the last week of the regular season for Buffalo and, despite losing, they clinched the division title last night. While all teams below Buffalo finish their seasons at the end of this week, Buffalo will continue playing in a ten game mini series which takes the place of the normal playoffs. This mini series keeps the AAA team playing to provide reinforcements to the major leagues, if necessary. On the field, Buffalo, New Hampshire and Dunedin all outhit their opponents and they all lost. Vancouver lost in the regular way. The FCL Jays won with Damiano Palmegiani driving in six runs. On the bright side, the system did have some good pitching performances.
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It's like I'm falling out of bed
from a long and vivid dream
The sweetest flowered fruits are
hanging from a tree

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The Buffalo Bisons put up some offence that would make the Bills jealous. Dunedin split a doubleheader thanks to a no-hitter. Vancouver and the FCL Jays came up short. New Hampshire's game against Harrisburg was rained out.
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Buffalo won and Vancouver did not. New Hampshire did not play due to COVIC complications and Dunedin's game was rained out.
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We know who to thank for all the blessings we have enjoyed.
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Yesterday every team lost. On Sunday Vancouver and Dunedin reversed course and won. Buffalo were one hit. For Vancouver Rafael Lantigua hit two home runs.

I have not tried to compile an updated Blue Jays top 30 list and I do not keep a running list. But it struck me recently that by some measures this has not been a great year for the Blue Jays minor league system. By one measure it has been good, Alek Manoah, Alejandro Kirk, Reese McGuire and Santiago Espinal have contributed at the major league level. Outside of those players, when we look at the future, how many minor leaguers from last years top 30 have made significant strides forward? Obviously Gabriel Moreno is one. Orelvis is another. Kevin Smith, Samad Taylor, maybe Otto Lopez. But several have not had good years. Nate Pearson probably tops this list. But who pushes into the top ten? Miguel Hiraldo, Anthony Kay, CY Van Eyk, Adam Kloffenstein, Estevan Machado, Eric Pardinho, Rikelbin De Castro, Dasan Brown, Joey Murray, Manuel Beltre, Tanner Morris or Will Robertson? All of them were in a top 30 and none have really a great season. Time is still on most of their sides but when you combine this lack of advancement with the prospects lost in trades, I think the system takes a hit in the post season farm system rankings.

So who is in your top 10, if we exclude this years draft picks? Assume Pearson loses his eligibility. Moreno, Smith, Lopez, Orelvis, Groshans, Samad Taylor, possibly Leo Jimenez. and then the list gets thin.

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Buffalo, Vancouver, Dunedin and the FCL Jays all lost. Buffalo's loss ends their 12 game winning streak. And Spencer Horwitz's hitting streak finally ended at 28 games as he went 0-4.
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Buffalo went down 5-2 and still won for their twelfth in a row. It has been hard to notice with Buffalo getting all the attention but both Vancouver and Dunedin have been winning more than losing recently. It wasn't to be for Vancouver on Friday but Spencer Horwitz extended his hitting streak. Dunedin won both ends of a doubleheader, of sorts.
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We are grateful for the winning streak. We know who we must thank.
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Buffalo won a rain shortened game to run their win streak to eleven games, a club record. Spencer Horwitz extended his hit streak to 27 games, a league record, and Vancouver won easily. Horwitz had to share the spotlight with Phil Clarke who drove in eight runs. Dunedin's game was also rain affected and was suspended. New Hampshire will not play again this week due to COVID. Gabriel Moreno returned, to the FCL, and helped Kendry Rojas strike out eleven in four innings.
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Buffalo, Vancouver and Dunedin all recorded comeback wins to complete the organizational sweep Wednesday. New Hampshire’s game in Reading was again cancelled due to COVID complications.
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A shutout win and two one-run losses for the Blue Jays affiliates on Tuesday. New Hampshire’s game in Reading was cancelled due to COVID concerns.
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Under no circumstances would I ever mess with a winning streak.
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