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Cam Eden hit a grand slam in the sixth to turn a three run deficit into a lead. Buffalo went on to win with Leo Jimenez having a big night. Vancouver had the walk off win. Dunedin were walked off while New Hampshire had a 3-0 lead in the sixth but lost.
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Three games with the still relatively hot Minnesota Twins, and we should see both the prospects sent out in the Jose Berrios trade.
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Steward Berroa has been one of the biggest pleasant surprises this season. He homered on Thursday helping Buffalo win. Dunedin and the FCL Jays hit well in their wins. New Hampshire and Vancouver did not hit well and both lost.
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Buffalo 11 Worcester 2 Game 1

Worcester 4 Buffalo 0 Game 2

New Hampshire 4 Harrisburg 0

Vancouver 5 Everett 4

Fort Meyers 5 Dunedin 4

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Buffalo won to prevent a total disaster in the org. Both Florida-based teams were walked off.
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I don't care if they're a first place team. They're not taking two of three from the Blue Jays.
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Only two affiliates played and between them they they gave up 23 runs. The Bisons had to face Paul Skenes, a tough day for the hitters. Dunedin used lots of pitchers who were scored on a lot. New Hampshire and Vancouver were rained out.
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Five Buffalo hitters went deep as they continue to hit well and pick up wins. Vancouver scored 12 runs in one inning en route to a win. One Dunedin hitter went deep twice, each time giving the Jays the lead. Enmanuel Bonilla had four hits as the FCL Jays started their season with a win. New Hampshire lost in a game that was a double no hitter through six innings.
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Buffalo were missing a few hitters but nevertheless they scored ten runs with fifteen hits. They had a nice win, as did Vancouver who also had a big hitting game. Dunedin won as Fernando Perez shut down Tampa. New Hampshire came up a run short.
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After a less than optimal homestand, a road trip is called for. Two fourth-place teams meet for three games in the District.
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Chad Dallas and Adam Macko had rough starts. Buffalo couldn't recover but New Hampshire did thanks to seven hitters having a multi hit game. Vancouver lost their game in the bottom of the ninth while Dunedin were dominated by Tampa.
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Indianapolis 14 Buffalo 5

New Hampshire 7 Somerset 0

Vancouver 5 Tri-City 0

Tampa 5 Dunedin 4

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Buffalo and New Hampshire lost one-run games. Vancouver and Dunedin were the winners on a Splitsville Tuesday.
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The Royals may actually be pretty good this season. It doesn't happen very often, and I know it's still early, but so far- so pretty good.
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Buffalo's game was rain shortened but they won 2-0. New Hampshire had just two hits but it was enough for a 2-1 win. Dunedin lost but Victor Arias again was the bright spot. Vancouver continue to be rained out, it must be monsoon season in BC.
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