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Things have gotten a bit too Chicken Little lately...
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The Blue Jays schedule is out for 2017.

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Everyone's relieved to see these guys, right?
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The Dunedin Blue Jays saw their season come to a heartbreaking end Thursday night.
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Here we go.
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After playing 13 innings on Tuesday the Jays and Yankees played another 15 innings on Wednesday. Ultimately the Jays won to setup the winner take all game on Thursday.
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The Dunedin Blue Jays are one loss away from the end of their season.
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A quick, nasty investigation of a fairly minor issue.
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The affiliates won one out of four to close out the regular season.
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It was asked in a recent thread if the Jays this year have swept many series and how that is vs what a division leader should do. Figured lets check.
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Catch me at the X with OG at a Yankee game.
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The Blue Jays will have just one team in the playoffs this season. That team is the Dunedin Jays who will face off against the Tampa Yankees on Tuesday. All other teams have been eliminated and as a result Sundays games were pretty insipid. With the season end upon us some teams are just going through the motions and all the affiliates lost.
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This is your delayed MLU. There were three rain-outs last night and three wins.
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I'd love to refer to where the Rays play as the "Tropic Thunderdome", except that would imply it was actually cool in some way...
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Lansing won to keep their playoffs hope alive, they are 1.5 games back but there is hope. Dunedin lead by two games and are being helped by lots of rain in Florida, they were rained out today and could be rained out tomorrow too. Bluefield lost and are eliminated from the post-season. The GCL Jays had their final game of the season rained out. Buffalo keep losing, New Hampshire keep winning and Vancouver turned things around with a nice win.
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