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Will Robertson had a four hit day behind Ricky Tiedemann to get the win for New Hampshire. Buffalo had a doubles fest as they scored eight runs in their win. Dunedin's win included a seven run inning. Vancouver were the sole loser on Sunday. Note, this next week is the last for the A level leagues. Vancouver will play on into the following week in their playoffs.
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Kandry Rojas and Grayson Thurman combined to throw a seven inning no hitter in the first game of a doubleheader. Dunedin lost game two. Orelvis homered in Buffalo's win. Rainer Nunez went deep twice and Alan Roden had three hits for New Hampshire. Vancouver lost.
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Chad Dallas racked up eleven strikeouts in New Hampshire's win. Devonte Brown led the way on the offensive side. Lazaro Estrada had nine K's for Dunedin in a losing cause. The Buffalo offense was in full flow with Orelvis Martinez having a nice game. Vancouver lost a close game.
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The phone's ringin' by my head
just like I knew it would
News from Colorado's never good

Welcome to September.
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Dunedin split a doubleheader as Jace Bohrofen went deep for the sixth time. Buffalo had a few big hits as they won. New Hampshire lost one, Vancouver lost two.
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Canadians rally for six runs to win 6-3.

New Hampshire 5 Reading 3

Vancouver 6 Hillsboro 3

Dunedin Daytona PPD

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Buffalo and New Hampshire won. Vancouver's home game and Dunedin's road game were rained out.
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There are lessons to take away from the experience of watching the 2023 Blue Jays. These are perhaps things we have always known, but we can still use the reminder.
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Buffalo won with the usual suspects having nice games. New Hampshire kind of won a three inning game with their usual suspect, Alan Roden, leading the way. Dunedin had their big bats out and put up 13 runs for the win, their guy, Jace Bohrofen, had three hits.. Vancouver were the sole loser.
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There were two walk off wins for the lower two teams. In Vancouver Garrett Spain hit his second home run of the night to walk off Spokane. And in Dunedin Nicolas Deschamps capped a big game for him with a sac fly to win the game. Buffalo's bullpen lost a lead for the second night in a row while Chad Dallas blew up good in New Hampshire's loss.
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Tanner Morris hit a grand slam home run in the first inning for Buffalo but the Mets came back to tie the game. Buffalo took the lead in the ninth, but the Mets tied. Buffalo scored again in the tenth but the Mets walked them off in the bottom of the inning. It was a disappointing loss. It was the opposite in New Hampshire. They trailed 8-2 in the fifth inning but scored 12 unanswered runs for the win. Dunedin won both ends of a doubleheader. They hit three home runs in game one, then scored 15 runs in game two with just five hits. They walked 18 times. No such excitement for Vancouver who lost a game in which they had four hits.
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No team in the majors has played more games away from home than the Blue Jays. This is why most of their remaining games - 22 of 34, to be precise - will be in their own yard.
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Buffalo had the bats working again scoring nine runs in their win. New Hampshire scored six runs early but the bullpen gave up six runs in the last three innings to turn a win into a loss. Dunedin, like Buffalo, scored nine runs in their win. Vancouver were the only team that didn't have a big offensive game, and they lost. The best pitching performance came from Michael Dominguez who struck out nine in 5.2 innings.
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Buffalo 14 Syracuse 2

Binghamton 4 New Hampshire 2

Spokane 4 Vancouver 0

Dunedin St. Lucie Suspended

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Vancouver was the only winner on Tuesday. The DSL Blue Jays were washed out in their regular season finale.
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