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The Blue Jays make their second trip to Maryland and they hope it goes much better than their first.

Outfielder Anthony Alford has been called up from Double-A New Hampshire to join the Blue Jays in Baltimore. (Image from
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Lansing won their 1,500 game last night and your affiliates were 3-1.
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I know you can't scout the stat line, and I know that Vlad Guerrero Jr. is the better rated prospect, but Bo Bichette is putting together a great season. On Wednesday Lansing scored four runs, Bichette drove in three of them and scored the fourth. He reached base all four times he came to bat. There are some concerns regarding his swing but you have to admire the way he is playing. Between Vlad Jr., Anthony Alford, Bo Bichette and some of the pitchers, you could have quite the discussions at the end of this year as to who is the number one and number two prospect in the system.

There was lots of hitting on the farm Wednesday. The Jays four teams racked up 45 hits. Unfortunately their opponents also had 45. The Jays came out on the short end at 1-3.

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A losing Tuesday night on the farm with only Buffalo emerging victorious in the four games played.
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The affiliates won two out of three Monday with the victors scoring the winning runs in their final at-bats. New Hampshire had no baseball game on their schedule.
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Here's something new - a home and home set. In baseball.
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The affiliates lost all three games on Sunday, and the bloom is off the winning rose. Some of the Jays pitchers were very hittable over the weekend. Matt Latos, Shane Dawson and Jon Harris in particular had to deal with lots of base runners. Some of the winning has come out of the system. Buffalo started hot but a lot of bad weather and double headers have slowed the winning. New Hampshire have a 12-24 record. Lansing lost both their weekend. Only Dunedin won.
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Casey Lawrence is gone, which is probably the most important news farm related coming out of your Thursday, May 11, 2017. Justin Maese threw a complete game down the road in Lansing, while two other starting pitching prospects also turned in respectable pitching performances.
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The AL West's second-place team comes to the Dome for four games.
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All four affiliates had day games scheduled and three of them won and one was rained out. These games are scheduled for school groups to come in and get a day at the park. The teams clean up on the concessions while the players try to wake up when they normally sleep. The affiliates won behind good pitching. The three starters conceded one run between them, Sean Reid-Foley, Cesar Valdez and Angel Perdomo all pitched well. Chris Rowley also turned some heads with his pitching out of the bullpen.
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The Lansing Lugnuts slugged their way to another victory. That was the only 'W' the affiliates came up with in four tries Tuesday.
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The affiliates had a .500 night with Buffalo and Lansing getting into the win column.
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The Edwing returns!

Edwin Encarnacion makes his first appearance in Toronto with Cleveland batting just .217/.349/.377 with five home runs and 11 runs batted in. (Image from Metro News)
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A few weeks ago I talked about it still being early when looking at stats. The affiliates have now played around 30 games and while its not early any more its also not far enough into the season to be definitive about stats lines. However, a few players have been so consistent that it does look like they are taking the next step. I am speaking of Max Pentecost, Danny Jansen, Bo Bichette and Vlad Guerrero. They have hit in most games with rarely a let down. Other hitters who started hot like Dwight Smith and Anthony Alford have had down periods where you wonder will the hot or not lead the way.
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Two wins and two rain delays down on the farm (Thursday night). Connor Panas hot a walk off homer and the Fisher Cats overcame a rough Sean Reid-Foley start.
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