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Alex Amalfi threw four shutout innings to lead Dunedin to a nice win over the Yankees. Riley Tirotta helped Vancouver win in a rain shortened game. The top two teams came out on the losing side.
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Gotta hurry it up here, I'm not made of airports...
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Once again Vancouver were the only winners and they needed a big eighth inning rally to take the lead. Yosver Zulueta did not pitch well. The other three games were all close affairs.
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Here they come...
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Vancouver were the only winners on Thursday. There were lots of good performances, both pitching and hitting.
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New Hampshire and Dunedin were the Wednesday winners.
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Buffalo, Vancouver and Dunedin found the win column on Tuesday.
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There was a recent suggestion that we hold a Batters Box get together at a game this season. Our bauxites are spread throughout Canada and the world so it is uncertain how many would be able to make it to a Toronto get together. So lets get some expressions of interest.
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It's the home opener!
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Buffalo won both ends of a doubleheader. They held Worcester to one run in each game. Vancouver were rained out again. A friend told me it rains twice in Vancouver, once for two months and once for three months. Maybe our west coasters can confirm. New Hampshire and Dunedin had the day off.
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New Hampshire had the only win on the farm and their record is 3-0. Jimmy Robbins got 2023 off to a good start. There wasn't a lot to get excited about on Saturday. Nicolas Deschamps hit a home run, singled, walked, and drove in two runs.
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Just one win on the farm. Buffalo lost two games in their last inning. Otto Lopez had two doubles. New Hampshire had the only win with good hitting and good pitching. Dunedin lost a close one with Tucker Toman picking up two more hits.
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The road trip concludes, more or less across the street from Disneyland.
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Two wins in two games on the farm. Sem Robberse was excellent as New Hampshire had a big win. Dunedin's game was shortened due to rain but they came out on top also.
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Games in Buffalo are scrubbed until further notice but there was a game in Vancouver Wednesday.
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